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Foundations of Hatha Yoga

Classical Hatha Yoga offers an opportunity to achieve optimal health, wellness and complete inner wellbeing.

Balancing  the Mind and the Body and Awakening the Spine

From simple practices that take just minutes a day to intense series that offer more possibilities for fitness of body and mind, Hatha Yoga offers a broad range of options.


Foundations of Hatha Yoga – is an opportunity to experience what this yoga has to offer.


Foundations of Hatha Yoga
This three part series of classes can be taken individually or in combination. Each class session offers a practice that can build upon the others.


Session I – Simple Asanas - 1 hour
Learn asanas to activate the spine, enhance the mind and increase flexibility.

Session II – Breathwork and Meditation - 1 hour
Learn a powerful practice involving the breath, known as pranayam, to balance the system and practice a meditation focusing on health.


Session III – Sound and Meditation - 1 hour
Learn a practice involving the fundamental sounds designed to stabilize the mind and body and practice a meditation focused on peace.


Cost: $15 per session
Experience: Beginner
Age: 12 and above

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