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The Power of Yoga:
Free Your Spirit!

Align yourself: mind, body, emotions, energy with the cosmos as  you adventure with us in Ecuador. You will learn powerful yogic practices that balance and cleanse your system designed for you to take home and practice for life. When not immersed in learning these Classical Hatha Yoga practices you will enjoy the surroundings with hikes, meditations, local food and great company.

Earth and Ether Classical Yoga | The Power of Yoga - Ecuador Yoga Journey

Build Your Practice

Free Your Spirit

Take these three days to unplug from the world and plug into the passion and vision you have for yourself. Build a powerful yoga practice that will balance your mind, body, emotions and energy and the clarity to bring spiritual practice into to everyday life.


Align, Breathe, Connect, Perfect

Learn powerful powerful practices from Classical Hata Yoga that align and balance the system and bring inward focus and a spiritual dimension to your practice. Experience a deep connection with yourself, your practice and everything around you.


and Ether Classical Yoga

Join us for unique retreats that include powerful yoga practices that revitalize and align all aspects of the human system (mind, body, emotions, energy) with the cosmic geometry, connect with nature, each other and your larger goals including creating a joyful and peaceful world. To accomplish this we will take you on an inward journey using the tools and methods from the science of Classical Hatha Yoga as well as tools and methods from the modern world. Only by creating balance and stability within can one accomplish the extraordinary both within and without. Giving yourself the time and space in a workshop or retreat create an opportunity for deeply inspiring inner work and greater transformation. The combination of time and space and Classical Yoga creates a committed atmosphere where maximum individual transformation and empowerment are possible.

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