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Strength and Tenacity: Angamardana

I had observed others doing Anamardana, as it was taught in a program in the US in 2010. I always wondered what it was and admired the easy flow of the practice. My first encounter with the practice was during my Isha Hatha Teacher training in 2013. It was a way that I could push my body to be more flexible and more nimble and it looked like fun.

When learning about the practice, Sadhguru mentioned building strength without bulk. I have always been strong, carrying my 17 foot long, 65 pound Kayak was easy and effortless. So I was skeptical and wondered what made Angamardana so special.

As I learned the practice and learned to get further into each posture, I could experience the increase in flexibility. I could tell, with each passing day, how much easier each posture was. How much further i could stretch, how much longer I could hold, how much more focus I could bring to the practice.

I became stronger and lighter and I worked my way down from 45 minutes to 25 - keeping up with students half my age. It was amazing! My experience of each posture tends to change from day to day and month to month, but Angamargana continues to be one of my favorite practices from the training. I hope that your experience is the same.

— Barbara


Angamardana Workshop - June 15-16 2019

Aworkout system rooted in yoga that builds strength without bulk, adds resiliency and tenacity to the body and mind. Its done with no equipment, just you a yoga mat and a 6x6 ft space.

SPECIAL OFFER – The venue is an Air BnB space, 3 private rooms available.

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