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My Yoga Every Day

Stepping on the mat every day.

It might be 10 minutes of breath work or 12 minutes of meditation or 40 minutes of asanas. It can be about the discipline, the dedication, the physical benefits, the peace of mind. Pick something and do it.

I came to Isha Yoga looking for a practice that I could do at home. Yoga at studios wasn't delivering for me. There was something about the integrity of my first yoga experiences that was missing. That first experience was an inward journey. No music, no talking, just my experience of each posture in that day at that moment. Me the mat and the moment. Connecting with each molecule of my body, breathing life into each cell.

To me that was what yoga meant, that's where my experience began. My instructor moved on, I moved on and my search began for that experience. I changed classes, studios, instructors, had one-on-one classes with instructors to learn how to build my own sequence. Few of those experiences carried the integrity of the first one. This intensified my longing for some authentic yoga. Not just words or postures, not music, no hot yoga, no chattering instructor.

This is when I found Isha Yoga and Sadhguru. The practices are ancient and held with the same integrity that they have been for thousands of years. I practice at home in silence, focusing on the sequence, the posture, the moment. I remember the bliss of my first daily practice just me, my mat, and my body.

It's with gratitude that I offer Isha Hatha Yoga to others so that can experience the same.

All the best


Studio - a place for practice

Barbara is a certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher with 1750+ hours of training. She trained at the Isha Hatha School of Yoga in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

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