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The Karmic Din

Karma is one big noise. If you cannon hear it, it is simply because right now you are accustomed to listening to the outer world. But once you learn to listen to your interiority, you hear the karmic din loud and clear. The decibel levels are so high there's no missing it." —Sadhguru

A few years back when we were living in California, I was teaching from a lovely studio just up the street from my house. We had established a rhythm and a pace to our life. I was working on expanding my teaching capabilities and all kinda 'life on fast-forward" things were going on. The practice of Isha Hatha Yoga kept me focused, and then this karmic din became so loud, so intense I had to pay it some attention.

What I experienced was the sound of screaming babies. Well, not literally, but I could feel it, experience it as if were happening. It was a deafening din. So many babies, so many to attend to, how could one possibly choose? As I sat with this din I came to realize some things. The first was a "hey wait a sec!" moment when I realized that some of these babies weren't really babies at all. They were people, places, things, experiences vying for attention and space.

It also felt like I was being pulled apart. Pushed from one to another, like being buffeted by waves at sea. My karmic babies were a force! At first I just tried to handle it all because, ya know, yogic super-powers + equanimity + clarity should outta do it, right? Well, Sadhguru mentions this in the introduction to Isha Kriya: "it only takes life to push you harder..." The more I thought I could shoulder, the more things piled on. Kinda like a jam-pile, but way less fun.

Something needed to change and I needed to be in charge. The first step was "tuning out" all those "babies" that were just fakers. The babies that weren't babies at all, the people, places, and things that didn't need attention. They were distractions. They were the ones that only grew louder the more attention they received. Soon the decibel level was reduced. The things didn't all go away, but withdrawing attention, acting with volition, quieted the din.

I still pick away at the din. I can still feel pulled in a million different directions. And, if I allow it, I get jammed up and everything smears against the glass making the squeaking sound as it slides down. I am practicing stepping back. doing only what's needed and saying and thinking less.

I come back to my focus and the things that actually need attention, focus and action with volition. There are still a few more than I am comfortable with, but transition is always a stretch and requires transformation. I do know that, when I veer off in the wrong direction, that the din gets louder to remind me that I need to come back to what's needed.

Thank you for reading

All the best



Barbara Datz-Hernandez

Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher

1750+ hours certified, Isha Hatha School of Yoga

Teaching Isha Hatha Yoga since 2014

25+ year practitioner



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